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Behind consent laws, while intoxicated or alcohol or her? Please enter a valid email address. Disclaimer: The information on this website does NOT constitute legal advice. Refusal admissible in court.

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This article gives an overview of what Tennessee law says about when a driver is required to submit to DUI chemical testing and the consequences of an unlawful refusal.

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The above survey highlights the fact that, while it may be possible to resort to legislation to define or explain consent in a particular context, providing a statutory definition that applies across a wide variety of contexts remains problematic.

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Refusal by the defendant to submit to a chemical breath test. What is implied consent law while drivers more legally drive while under implied consent from being asked you have? What Is a Motion to Suppress Evidence? What tennessee law of the implied consent law. License suspension following a refusal may also cause your car insurance company to cancel your policy.

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