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It appears that the coloured stamps is what clarifies the partnership. The reason for checking is that I am almost certain that previously there used to be the amount of the charge recorded. Land Registry should be clearer with infrequent users, if you are only wanting the briefest detail purchase online. Images may be unavailable while system backups are in progress. Is there any guidance on this?

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Can anyone access this official document, am I worrying for nothing? Mortgage now paid off and over a month down the line still waiting for confirmation letter that the mortgage is paid off. Due to this mean that documents where my property search by name on a totally different assets that might be entered. Click here to pay your ticket through Texas Online Records.

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The ground rent owner appears to be a bit of a crook and from doing some research into this they are quite regularly doing this type of thing to people on the day of completion in order to extort money.

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There must be a completed original notary acknowledgment with seal. Real estate deeds that transfer property in Georgia can be recorded to provide constructive notice of the transfer. If you want the full document you must apply in writing so as to protect such detail from those that may use it incorrectly!

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So can you tell me if the plans are likely to be up to date and accurate?

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We bought land some years ago, it was then registered in our name. The online service does provide an example of the title plan for example so you can see what information you are buying.

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